A very big "merci" to everybody at Aquinas College.

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A message from Alain-Pierre Hermouet, Paul Perrissin and the students from our sister hospitality school in France, Lycée Notre Dame du Roc. Staff and students from the school visited Aquinas College from Tuesday 18th April to Sunday 30th April 2017 and were hosted by Aquinas College families.

A very big merci to everybody at Aquinas College. It was a pleasure for us to stay with you all. We discovered a great country and will keep memories such as:

Aquinas College classes; coffee training at Aquinas College; our day in Melbourne to visit the Eureka tower and to go to the Queen Victoria Market; the Piggery Café in Sherbrooke; a tour of the MCG kitchens; Chandon in the Yarra Valley; Healesville Sanctuary and many more...
We felt the way you are trained in school is very different from us in France. You have many open spaces which makes your school friendly and so active. The hosting families were so welcoming to us. They made us feel at home and took care of us like we were members of the family. Activities they offered have been so unusual to us: Australian football, restaurants, shopping, native wildlife, Luna Park, boat ride to see dolphins...

As you can see, time flies and we are sad to leave you but we will keep great memories of that experience and of you all.

See you soon in France.

The Frenchies.